Who is Titina!?

I’m an Art Director, Web Designer and Writer of Visual Poetry.

I’m a Senior Art Director, web and graphic designer, personal trainer by day and Hedgehog at night.

I like:

  • poems
  • calligraphy
  • musicals
  • silence
  • surprises
  • sport
  • eyes
  • dogs

I don’t like:

  • too much sweet
  • spicy
  • violence
  • lies
  • too much red in clothing
  • confusion
  • arrogance
  • snakes

I really like being creative, or better yet, solving problems creatively. I know, it sounds like a cliche, but it’s true.

I often speak of myself in the third person..
Titina born in southern Italy, where she grew up 1. with a camera in her hands – 2. dancing hip hop – 3. playing drums in an all-girl rock band called “hybrid”. After doing his studies in Rome at the AANT and worked through Italy (from Bari to Trento) as a video-maker and web designer,
 Titina becomes a freelance artist who works with several local agencies and spends her free time hunting for art books, poetry and design in flea markets.

Feel free to contact her and say hello! She is always open to freelance work, collaborations, new ideas, suggestions, etc..